Find Pat Carnes

Exit to Nowhere: Rural I-80 Exit Linked To Another Missing Person

Eighty six year old Patrick Carnes disappeared in April while driving across northern Nevada on Interstate 80.

His car was found abandoned at a little used freeway exit east of Winnemucca. Strangely enough Exit 205 was also linked to another missing persons case five years earlier.

Sixty two year old Judith Casida, reportedly depressed about her personal life, left a note at her Cold Springs home February 14, 2006, saying she was leaving.

Later that morning she was seen at a McDonalds in Lovelock. Three weeks passed before her vehicle, a white Mazda pickup was discovered on a dirt road a short distance from Exit 205.

The pickup was still operable. It wasn’t stuck or out of gas. A single set of footprints led away from it toward I-80.

There is no apparent links between the cases, but the coincidence of both disappearances beginning at an obscure rural freeway exit is difficult to ignore and raises the possibility that someone may be prowling the I-80 corridor looking for victims.


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