Find Pat Carnes

Tip Line

Anyone with any information is urged to call Secret Witness at 775-322-4900. You can also contact Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 775-623-6429 and ask for Undersheriff Curtiss Kull.


One Comment on “Tip Line”

  1. marilyn dansereau says:

    I am a nurse from NH who was working in Hawthorne NV from 02/2011-05/2011. Many times while sightseeing I would meet people who were passing thru the area (the same time of the year, each year) after wintering somewhere else. I had suggested on the facebook page that it might help to re-post Patrick and Lucky’s missing information at the El Capitan Casino in Hawthorne as travelers, truckers and locals frequent there. Route 95 being a major trucking route from I80 south to Las Vegas. The anniversary is approaching and someone may be returning who was not aware last year of Patrick and Lucky missing. Someone posted and asked if anyone could print or post the missing fliers, Could Undersheriiff Kull ask the Mineral County Sheriff’s dept in Hawthorne to re-post the info (flier could be faxed to them)? I can not believe that no one has seen anything. I have driven the length of I80 numerous times and it is so busy but boring that anything that is not moving would be noticed.

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